The increasing acceptance of Bitcoin and the profitability of mining this digital currency has made the Bitcoin mining industry grow day by day, and as you probably know, home computers can no longer be used to mine Bitcoin, and we need special devices called ASICs. . On the other hand, due to the competitiveness of the mining process and the hardening of mining, new and more efficient devices are usually released on the market every few months and slowly remove the older devices.

What is the best bitcoin mining machine right now and what are the other models after that? What are the important criteria in the profitability of a mining device? You can read the answers to all these questions in this article.

In this guide, after reviewing the best bitcoin mining machine in the world, we will first explain a little about the profitability criteria of a mining machine and then introduce the best bitcoin mining machines in 2022.

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What is the best bitcoin mining machine?

According to digital currency surveys and inquiries from professional miners, at the time of updating this article (September 1400), among industry activists, the “Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro” device is known as the best Bitcoin mining device, which you will read more about below.

Of course, if we look at the issue from a more general perspective, the best of a mining device is a completely relative issue, and maybe in some areas and conditions, devices are used that are not profitable in other areas and conditions.

According to the rule above, the best and newest mining machine is not always the most popular. For example, although the Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro device is considered by most miners to be the best Bitcoin mining device on the market at the time of writing this article; But where electricity is cheap, many large farms may still use the old S9J and other models.

In general, the most important factors that affect the profitability and return on investment of a device are:

  • Device power (hash rate/hash rate) : The higher the amount of processing power of the device to produce hash, the higher the amount of mined bitcoins. Example: the power of Antminer S19 Pro is about 110 terahertz per second (110TH/S).
  • Power consumption of the device : the higher the power consumption of the mining device in terms of watts, the higher the cost of electricity will be on the miner. Example: Antminer S19 Pro’s power consumption is about 3250 watts (3250W).
  • The price of the device : the amount of money paid for the purchase of the mining device. The higher the price, the longer the miner has to work for the return of the purchase capital, and therefore the return time increases.

Apart from the above, many other factors such asBitcoin price, electricity tariff andNetwork difficultyBitcoins are effective in return of investment; But the above three cases were only related to the device.

Top 8 bitcoin mining machines in 2022

In the following, you will get to know the top eight devices for mining bitcoins. These devices are the most efficient among miners until mid-2022. In fact, factors such as energy efficiency, price, size, weight and acceptance among consumers have been taken into account to prepare the following list.

We emphasize again that in order to perform the mining activity, everyone should prepare a device according to their activity area and conditions, and it may be more logical for one person to use some old devices. Also, pay attention to the fact that the higher power of the device does not mean that the device is better. Remember that factors such as power consumption, lifespan, weight, noise, and size can directly or indirectly affectProfitability of miningbe influential

Update date: February 1400

1. Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro


Manufacturer Bitmain
Model and power Antminer S19 Pro – 110T
Release date May 2020
Size 195x290x370 mm
Weight 15 kg
Voice 81 dB
Number of fans 4
electricity consumption 3250W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 5-50 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 29.5

Antminers of the 19 series are currently the flagship products of Bitmain, and Bitmain is the largest manufacturer of mining devices.

Antminer S19 Pro, which has the best performance and the best return on investment among all miner devices in the market, was launched in May 2020 (May 99).

With a power of 110 terahertz/second and power consumption of 3250 watts, the S9 Pro is a head and neck higher than the previous models of Bitmain and its current competitors in terms of energy efficiency (power compared to power consumption).

The only flaw that can be added to this device is the weight of 15 kg and the sound of more than 81 decibels, which is not too much of a problem for an industrial miner.

Bitmain has also launched the S19j device, which costs less. Devices of this model are sold with a hash rate of 100 and 104 Terahis.

Antminer S19 Pro + Hyd and Antminer S19 Pro XP with the power of 198 and 140 terahertz, respectively, are the newer models of the S19 series, which are scheduled to be distributed in the market by July 2022 (July 1401).

2. MicroBT Whatsminer M30 Plus Plus (MicroBT Whatsminer M30S++)


Manufacturer microbite
Model WhatsMiner M30S Plus Plus – 112Tah
Release date October 2020
Size 125x225x425 mm
Weight 12.8 kg
Voice 83 dB
Number of fans 2
electricity consumption 3472 W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 5-60 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 31

In October 2020, the company MicroBit, which has now become a serious competitor of Bitmain in the mining industry, released its most powerful series of mining devices, the M30 series (M30). This series includes three models: M30S, M30S Plus and M30 Plus Plus, the last one being the most powerful model of this company.

afterBitcoin halvingwhich halved the mining reward of this digital currency, the Wattsminer M30 Plus Plus device with the power of 112 terahertz and power consumption of 3472 watts was able to meet the expectations well.

So if we don’t consider the power consumption, this machine is currently the most powerful Bitcoin mining machine. However, in terms of energy efficiency, it loses to its rival Antminer S19 Pro.

Due to the very high power and higher power consumption than the Antminer S19 Pro, it will be very profitable to use this device in places where there is cheap electricity.

3. Canaan Avalonminer 1246

Manufacturer Kanan
Model Avalon Miner 1246 – 90 trah
Release date January 2021
Size 331x195x292 mm
Weight 12.8 kg
Voice 75 dB
Number of fans 4
electricity consumption 3420W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 5-60 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 38

Kanan company, which appeared in low popularity in 2019 and 2020, released its new device, Avalon Miner 1246, in January 2021 (Day 99) in order to reduce the pressure of criticism.

This device will be marketed with a hash rate of 90 terabytes per second, which will make it the most powerful device of Kenan company. Compared to the 1160 Pro model with a power of 81 terahertz and power consumption of 3420 watts, the power consumption of Avalon Miner 1246 has increased by only 20 watts, which is a significant improvement.

The energy efficiency of 38 joules per terahertz of this device is unique in its kind; However, Antminer S19 Pro has nothing to say about energy efficiency.

In terms of dimensions, this device is very suitable for farms and can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Also, in this device, some security items have been included, that of the activityMiner virusesAnd it prevents hacking.

4. Bitmain Antminer T19

Manufacturer Bitmain
Model and power Antminer T19-84 version
Release date June 2020
Size 195x290x400 mm
Weight 14.5 kg
Voice 75 dB
Number of fans 4
electricity consumption 3150W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 5-50 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 38

In accordance with the previous policies of Bitmain, very soon after the release of the S19 models, in June 2020 (June 99) the T19 model was released.

T models of Bitmain Antminers are less powerful than S models; But they are cheaper and are good options for medium and small farms.

Antminer T19 has almost the same dimensions and features as S19; But with a power of 84 terahertz and an energy efficiency of 38 joules per terahertz, it is seen as very weak compared to the S19 Pro. The power consumption of this device is 3,150 watts and considering the cheaper price, it can be an economical option.

5. Bitmain Antminer S17 Plus (+Bitmain Antminer S17)

Manufacturer Bitmain
Model and power Antminer S 17 Plus – 73 TB
Release date December 2019
Size 175x298x304 mm
Weight 11 kg
Voice 75 dB
Number of fans 4
electricity consumption 2920W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 5-50 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 45

After the S19 series, the S7 series are the most powerful Bitmain miners, and among these several S7 models, the S7 Plus model is the most powerful.

73 terahertz of processing power and power consumption of 2,929 watts made this device the most powerful Bitcoin mining device in 2019.

Like other flagships of Bitmain, this device was known as the most suitable Bitcoin mining device for farms when it was released in April 2019 with an efficiency of 40 J/Trah.

However, it is worth noting that many minershave reportedSome devices of the 17 series have technical problems, and Bitmain has confirmed this problem.

6. Canaan AvalonMiner 1166 Pro

Manufacturer Kanan
Model and power Avalon Miner 1166 Pro – 81T
Release date August 2020
Size 306x405x442 mm
Weight 12 kg
Voice 75 dB
Number of fans 4
electricity consumption 3400W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 35-5 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 42

Similar to the Avalon Miner 1246, the Avalon Miner 1166 Pro model is also an excellent choice for small and medium mining farms.

This device is very similar to successful Bitmain miners, including Antminer S9; But with a much higher hash rate and much better energy efficiency.

Alvanminer Pro 1166 hashrate, which was launched in August 2020, is about 81Trahash and its power consumption reaches 3,400W.

As we talked with some experts, this device has successfully passed its test in some farms inside Iran.

7. Innosilicon T3+ 52T

Manufacturer inosilicone
Model and power T3 Plus – 52 designs
Release date May 2019
Size 141x220x430 mm
Weight 10 kg
Voice 75 dB
Number of fans 2
electricity consumption 2800W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 45-5 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 45

Inosilicon Bitcoin miners are literally a terminator among miners. After the success of the T3 device, the next model, the T3 Plus, was launched in May 2019.

A hash power of 52 Terahs and a power consumption of 2100 watts put this device on the shopping list of many miners.

Very appropriate weight compared to hash power (ten kg) and almost compact dimensions have made this miner to be used in industrial comparisons and at a high level. T3 Plus has another model whose power reaches 57 Tah.

It is worth mentioning that in social networks, some miners are not satisfied with the after-sales service and also the problems related to the repair of inosilicone devices.

8. MicroBT Whatsminer M31S (MicroBT Whatsminer M31S)

Manufacturer MicroBT
Model and power Wattsminer M31S – 70 thousand
Release date April 2020
Size 130x220x390 mm
Weight 12.5 kg
Voice 75 dB
Number of fans 2
electricity consumption 3220W
Voltage 12V
Connection network cable (Ethernet)
temperature 5-40 degrees Celsius
Energy Efficiency (J/T) 47

Another model from Microbit company that is included in our list and miners are satisfied with it is the Wattsminer M31 device. This device has a power of 70 terahertz per second and consumes 3,300 watts of electricity, thus its energy efficiency is 42 joules per terahertz.

This device was the main competitor of S7 Plus in 2019 with a little less energy efficiency. Although the energy efficiency of the M31 is lower than the S7 Plus, many miners prefer this device to the S7 Plus due to reports of a technical problem in some Bitmain S7 shipments.

In December 2020 (D 99), the Plus model of this device, the Wattsminer S31 Plus, with a power of 80 terahertz, was released to the market, which has better energy efficiency than the S7 Plus. However, due to the fact that the testing of this device by miners has not yet been reported, we only mentioned the S31 in this list.

Other devices

Currently, there are hundreds of different models of Bitcoin mining machines, each of which can have different hash power and power consumption. For example, Microbit’s M30 Antminer series includes several different models that have different hash rates. Therefore, before getting a mining device, make sure the model and hash rate of the device.

Needless to say, not all devices of any brand can be suitable for mining. In addition to the environmental and infrastructure conditions, it is better to check the industriality of an extraction device before preparing the device. For example, if a mining device has a very good hash rate and energy efficiency, you should ask yourself these questions before buying:

  • Is this extraction device efficient in my intended environment (e.g. dust collector)?
  • How reliable is the brand of this extraction device?
  • What farms use this extraction device? Is this a device for industrial use or is it made for home and individual use?

For more information about the preparation of the extraction device, you can “A guide to buying mining machinesRead the


In this article, while explaining about choosing a suitable device for Bitcoin mining, we introduced the best miners of 2022.

The eight machines we mentioned above are known as the best Bitcoin mining machines on a global scale; But in some areas and conditions, they may not have the necessary efficiency. In this way, if you intend to get an extraction device, do not limit yourself to this article and do the necessary research on your own conditions.

Don’t forget that in general, the best mining device for any miner is one that has a good lifespan and can generate a faster return on investment. Therefore, the criteria of being the best can be different for each person.

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