Artificial intelligence digital currency Introducing the top 10 artificial intelligence tokens of 2023

Blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies are two influential technologies of the 21st century that have changed many human activities. Meanwhile, projects based on blockchain and artificial intelligence have been created to provide common services in these two areas. In the past days, the introduction of ChatGPT artificial intelligence robot attracted the attention of many people to artificial intelligence, and this issue also caused the growth of artificial intelligence currencies.

Artificial intelligence token is called the digital currency of blockchain projects, which aims to combine blockchain and artificial intelligence and provide services that depend on these two technologies. Artificial intelligence tokens seem to be one of the main trends in the cryptocurrency market in 2023. In this article, we will review the best artificial intelligence tokens for investment in 2023.


What is meant by artificial intelligence currencies?

In simple terms, artificial intelligence tokens are digital currencies related to blockchain projects based on artificial intelligence. Due to the flexibility of AI, cryptographic AI projects come in different shapes and sizes and can have different uses. This includes blockchain gaming, web 3, decentralized markets, data tracking, and more.

Currently, some of the best altcoins in the cryptocurrency market use artificial intelligence technology as part of their operations. Regardless of the type of project, the integration of AI allows crypto platforms to be more efficient and adaptable. The combination of these two technologies paves the way for a new generation of digital tokens that could revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

Every cryptocurrency AI project is unique in its own way. This is because every crypto project is built with a different set of goals, and AI is only a means to achieve those goals. To clarify this point, we will discuss some applications of artificial intelligence currencies.

  • AI is currently being used by some of the best  cryptocurrency projects on the market to perform market and social media data analysis. For example, the Dash 2 Trade project is an emerging blockchain-based analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence to scan platforms like Twitter to get public sentiment about specific cryptocurrencies.
  • Artificial intelligence can be used to help predict the price, identify risks and speculate on the future growth of a digital currency.
  • Artificial intelligence can help build “Decentralized Autonomous Agents (DAA)” which are basically coded programs that can make decisions on their own. For example, is an artificial intelligence cryptocurrency project that uses DAAs as assistants to handle almost everything from buying and selling products to reservations and more.
  • Another prominent role of artificial intelligence is in the gaming sector. Many blockchain games such as Meta Masters Guild use artificial intelligence to create a versatile and versatile platform for gamers.

The above are just a few of the applications of AI tokens in relation to the crypto world, and crypto AI initiatives can serve a wide range of tools and purposes. The AI ​​currency industry is still nascent, and as such, we can expect more innovative products to come to market in the near future with the success of early projects like, SingularityNET, and Meta Masters Guild. Next, we will examine 10 examples of the most famous artificial intelligence tokens for investment in 2023.


What is an artificial intelligence token?


Graph artificial intelligence token

“The Graph” is one of the most famous and best artificial intelligence tokens that creates an indexing layer for smart contract development. Graph’s task is to collect data from different blockchains so that developers can easily access the original data to build their projects.

In addition to providing data, Graph artificial intelligence digital currency provides users with the possibility of querying the Ethereum network. This feature allows developers to create APIs with specific data categories and create sub-graphs for specific purposes. Zirgraph actually plays the same role as an API for blockchains and provides users with the possibility of quick access to the information of a decentralized application with blockchain.

For example, suppose you want to access UniSwap exchange information in your application. One way to do this is to create your own data access tools by coding and setting up centralized servers and databases. This work takes a lot of energy and time from you, and on the other hand, because you may be connected to many applications, it is not possible to do this for all of them.

Another method is to use subgraphs. In this case, you only need to refer to a subgraph on your site to enable users to search for UniSwap decentralized exchange information. In fact, the graph is an open source layer for easy data collection and regular presentation to users on the Ethereum network. The token symbol of this project is “GRT”.

Graph artificial intelligence currency uses artificial intelligence for automated and verifiable indexing and querying and seeks to increase its efficiency in query prediction in this way. Note that currently the graph performs data indexing for 22 networks that contain more than 31 thousand subgraphs, and artificial intelligence helps the system manage this information. You can buy Graph artificial intelligence token and more than 300 other digital currencies using Robex digital currency exchange .


SingularityNET artificial intelligence digital currency

The artificial intelligence digital currency project “SingularityNET” is a distributed ledger- based platform that allows users to create, share and monetize artificial intelligence services. In fact, Singularity Net is a marketplace for artificial intelligence services where users can search, test and buy extensive artificial intelligence services using its token “AGIX”.

SingularityNet is a decentralized space for AI developers to publish and sell their AI tools and easily evaluate their performance. This platform was introduced in 2017 and during its IPO , it managed to raise $36 million in one minute.

The artificial intelligence digital currency team Singularity Net is the pioneer in the development of the artificial intelligence robot named “Sophia”, which is described as the most expressive robot in the world. One of the goals of Singularity Net’s artificial intelligence token is that Sophia can fully understand human language. This is done by developing the OpenCog framework as Advanced General Intelligence, which aims to achieve human-level artificial intelligence.

SingularityNet is the first AI token that makes it easy for developers to sell AI tools and libraries, and allows buyers to review any AI service before purchase to ensure that the tool they’re buying meets their needs.

Another important feature of SingularityNET is that those who need a specific AI service can order a new AI tool from the extensive community of AI experts through the project’s AI Request Portal (RFAI). Developers can also earn AGIX tokens by responding to these requests.

The application of AGIX artificial intelligence token has also evolved with the development of the ecosystem of this project. In October 2020, the Singularity Net Enhancement Proposal (SNEP) feature was launched, allowing AGIX token holders to vote on changes to network operations. In addition, the possibility of AGIX digital currency staking was also added to the project in March 2020.

SingularityNET, in partnership with Hanson Robotics, recently released a joint venture called Awakening Health. The project develops products that use artificial intelligence for healthcare purposes. The first product of this project is a humanoid assistant for the healthcare industry called “Grace”.


singularitynet artificial intelligence currency


Fetch artificial intelligence cryptocurrency

Fetch AI Token is an AI lab that is a decentralized, permissionless machine learning network with a cryptocurrency economy. Project Fetch provides democratic access to AI technology in a permissionless network where users can access and operate on secure datasets using automated AI by connecting to the network. .

The Fetch project model is rooted in optimizing activities such as trade and transaction services in decentralized finance applications, transportation networks, smart energy networks, travel services, and any complex digital system that relies on large-scale data sets. The token of this project is created with the symbol “FET” which has various uses in the project.

The FET token is designed to find, create, deploy and train digital twins and is an essential part of smart contracts and digital currency oracles on the platform. A digital twin is a similar version of a physical object or process in the digital world, which can model the intended operation of the real object and examine its different scenarios.

In Fetch artificial intelligence token project, users can create and deploy their digital twins in the network using FET. By paying FET tokens, developers can access machine learning-based tools to train autonomous digital twins on the network. Project validation nodes also ensure the security and efficiency of the network by using these tokens.

The Fetch technology stack consists of four basic components. The Digital Twin Framework provides modular components for teams to provide markets, skills and intelligence for the digital twin to connect to. The Open Economic Framework allows users to search and discover digital twins.

The third component (The Digital Twin Metropolis) is a set of smart contracts on a virtual machine to maintain an immutable record of the agreements between the digital twins. Finally, Fetch’s blockchain component uses a combination of game theory and cryptographic techniques to create a secure and censorship-resistant consensus method, as well as fast chain synchronization to support digital twin applications.


Ocean Protocol artificial intelligence digital currency

Ocean Protocol is a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows individuals and businesses to value their data on its platform and monetize digital currency using ERC-20 standard data tokens. . Ocean Protocol is one of the best AI tokens that creates added value for both data providers and consumers.

Using this protocol, data publishers can monetize the data while maintaining their privacy and control over it. On the other hand, consumers can access data sets that were previously unavailable or difficult to find. In the Ocean protocol, diverse data sets can be discovered, bought, used, and resold.

In the Ocean artificial intelligence digital currency project, each data service is represented by a unique data token (datatoken). This approach allows a third party to perform certain operations on the data without the data leaving the publisher’s secure domain.

The artificial intelligence token of the protocol with the symbol “OCEAN” is a functional token that is used as a tool for buying and selling data. Additionally, OCEAN is a governance token that is used for community governance as well as digital currency staking on data. The price of data tokens is determined by an automated market-making liquidity pool based on supply and demand.

Ocean Protocol creates an additional revenue stream for data publishers. By providing the necessary tools, this protocol enables the creation of data markets for various companies. Scientists, researchers, data analysts and anyone else gain access to reliable data using this protocol.

Ocean AI Token holders can participate in the Data Token Economy by staking their tokens to the datasets available on the Ocean Market. Stakeholders act as liquidity providers in selected data token pools and earn a fraction of the transaction fees recorded in the pool.


Ocean protocol artificial intelligence currencies


iExec RL AI token

Artificial intelligence cryptocurrency project iExec is a leading provider of blockchain-based decentralized computing. The project uses blockchain to organize a marketplace where people can monetize their computing power, as well as their applications and data sets. This is done by providing on-demand access to cloud computing resources.

The IExec AI currency supports applications in areas such as big data, healthcare, artificial intelligence, rendering and fintech. This project was established in 2016 with the aim of recreating the concept of cloud computing, and its digital currency token is known by the symbol RLC.

The project uses an open source software called “XtremWeb-HEP” which includes features such as multi-application support, multi-user, fault tolerance, virtual image deployment, private infrastructure, data management and security. However, the main task of this project is to provide computing resources to users in a decentralized manner.

Any user who has computing resources can work as a worker in this network. To do this, users connect their computing machines so that it can be used by others, and in exchange for this participation in the network, they are rewarded with RLC tokens from the network.

This process creates a marketplace for resource sharing that takes advantage of the positive features of blockchain. In addition, various application providers can earn money by sharing their algorithms, and data providers can share their valuable data sets with users through the use of this project.

The consensus algorithm used in this project is known as “proof-of-contribution | PoCo”, which enables consensus on off-chain calculations. Thanks to the use of this consensus algorithm, providers of computing resources and data can confirm the use of their resources directly inside the blockchain.

The IExec AI cryptocurrency project also offers users scalable decentralized applications that provide users with easy access to servers, datasets, and computing resources. Since these applications run on the Ethereum blockchain, a virtual cloud computing infrastructure is formed that can provide high-performance computing on demand.

In this way, it can be said that IExec is one of the best artificial intelligence currencies that supports decentralized applications and enables cost-effective and high-performance computing through a decentralized cloud computing infrastructure. Another advantage of this artificial intelligence digital currency project is to solve some of the environmental problems of data centers that disappear in distributed mode.


Phala Network artificial intelligence digital currency

The Phala network is a cloud computing service with a privacy feature that provides computing power comparable to existing cloud services and protects the privacy of users’ applications and programs. Developers can deploy their confidential smart contracts based on the project’s hybrid architecture to TEE Enclaves to execute.

The Phala network is based on the Substrate protocol and will be implemented as a parachain in the Polkadat network. The artificial intelligence digital currency of this project with the symbol “PHA” has wide applications in the project. In the following, we will examine the most important of them.

  • Using this token, you can buy reliable data storage and computing resources.
  • The Phala project creates a data exchange infrastructure based on smart contracts to standardize data collection, analysis and trading. Therefore, using this project, a confidential but reliable exchange ecosystem is created for buyers and sellers.
  • The security of using the protocol is provided by the gatekeepers of the “Gatekeepers” project. These gatekeepers stake a certain amount of PHA tokens in the protocol to be punished in case of malicious activity.
  • The Phala Network artificial intelligence digital currency project has a DAO that leaves the governance of it to the users of the network. Users with PHA stake tokens can participate in voting and shape the future of the project. Therefore, this token also has a sovereign role.

Phala blockchain solves the issue of trust in cloud computing. This AI cryptocurrency project is a trustless platform that performs cloud processing of massive data without compromising privacy. The Phala network is built on TEE-based privacy technology already embedded in modern processors, which guarantees user privacy and system efficiency.

This artificial intelligence digital currency project ensures that the processing power of the system is scalable by separating the consensus mechanism from the calculations. Together, these two features create a trustless, powerful, secure and scalable cloud computing infrastructure.

The Phala project as a parachain in the Polkadata multi-chain ecosystem can provide computing power for other blockchains by protecting the data layer. This feature provides features such as privacy transactions in the field of DeFi and the creation of multi-chain light nodes for the blockchain bridge .

On-chain services are currently being developed on the Phala network, including Web3 Analytics. The service includes high-performance smart contracts on the network that enable privacy-preserving massive data analytics, paving the way to replace privacy-insensitive projects like Google Analytics.


Phala network artificial intelligence currency


Cortex artificial intelligence digital currency

The Cortex blockchain is an open source blockchain that seeks to solve one of the biggest challenges facing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is the implementation of artificial intelligence on the chain. Cortex is an open source, peer-to-peer, decentralized platform that supports artificial intelligence (AI) models to be uploaded and executed on a distributed network.

This AI platform provides the democratization of AI where models can be easily integrated into smart contracts and create decentralized AI-enabled applications (DApps). In Cortex artificial intelligence digital currency, a mechanism is designed to encourage AI developers to store their models on the blockchain.

This feature creates an open ecosystem where individual AI developers, not just large companies, are encouraged to upload their AI models to the blockchain and Dapp developers have access to a selection of the best AI models in the world. . Competition between AI model providers will naturally lead to the evolution of better and better AI models.

The Cortex blockchain consists of four basic parts. The first component is the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM), which is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine and supports on-chain AI inference. This virtual machine uses a GPU instead of a CPU to run unusual AI models on the Cortex chain.

The second component is the artificial intelligence inference machine called Synapse. This machine is a deterministic inference engine that accurately guarantees the result of artificial intelligence inference in heterogeneous computing environments and enables on-chain deterministic inference of artificial intelligence without resorting to off-chain solutions.

Smart contracts and decentralized applications based on artificial intelligence is the third component of the Cortex artificial intelligence currency. Cortex adds machine learning support to smart contracts and DApps to adapt to real-world use cases. Developers can use the popular Solidity smart contract language and AI models in the Cortex storage layer to create AI-powered DApps and smart contracts.

The final component of the Cortex AI cryptocurrency project is the decentralization of AI research. Cortex seeks to foster an open source ecosystem where AI researchers and developers are encouraged more than ever to share their models with the world and monetize cryptocurrency.


Covalent artificial intelligence currency

Covalent’s AI digital currency uses big data technologies to make sense of billions of data points and provide investors with actionable insights. The project also allows developers to allocate their resources within the organization to higher efficiency goals. Instead of strictly finding data from a handful of chains, Covalent collects information from dozens of sources, including nodes, chains, and data feeds.

Using its API, Covalent provides users with personalized data, including current and historical investment performance in all types of digital assets, through a digital currency wallet . The important point in this process is that the project provides this information to users in a fast and consistent way using a comprehensive API. The new step of Covalent is to decentralize the process of this project, which gives its management and ownership to users.

To do this, Covant artificial intelligence token with symbol CQT has been created. This cryptocurrency is a governance token that allows holders to participate in proposals and change project variables. In addition, validators earn commission rewards by staking this token for responding to users’ needs, and normal users also use this token to access the network and pay for the services provided. The knowledge and information created in Covalent can be used in various ways, and currently four of the most important applications are as follows.

  • Every action in DeFi applications involves financial costs, and access to this data can be important for companies and individuals. Accessing this data is very easy in centralized organizations and the system itself provides users, but in DeFi projects such as the Pancake Swap exchange, it will not be possible for users to access this data without using Covalent.
  • Some DeFi protocols, such as 0x and Zerion, use the Covalent API to collect real-time blockchain data. What makes the Covalent API a critical infrastructure for these projects is that they can not only collect wallet-specific data, but also extend their services to expose data across multiple chains. This significantly improves the user experience of using these projects.
  • Providing a tool to analyze data related to the popular NFT market is of great importance that Covalent has been able to position itself as a leader in this field. NFT projects such as ChainGuardains and Ethermon now use the Covalent API not only to power new features specific to each project, but also to improve the user experience.
  • Quick access to reliable data is important for informed decision-making, facilitating governance and allowing people to invest in and participate in decentralized self-governing organizations, or DAOs, which are why these organizations use the Covalent API. People can use the API to view and review user interactions with proposals to understand how active members are in creating and voting on proposals, as well as whether members generally agree or disagree with proposals.


Artificial intelligence tokens


Artificial intelligence cryptocurrency dKargo

dKargo uses blockchain technology to solve issues of trust among dispersed participants in the logistics industry and create an efficient logistics network based on cooperation that was previously unimaginable. The use of blockchain and artificial intelligence at the same time has added many advantages to this project, the most important of which are as follows.

  • By using blockchain, it is possible to provide valid and reliable information to industry players.
  • dKargo solves the problem of trust in scattered and distributed logistics nodes using blockchain.
  • This project provides web 3 logistics services to its users and this includes logistics from the first kilometer to the last kilometer.
  • This platform is open source.
  • dKargo provides logistics information and optimized routes that were previously not possible in previous structures.

As a blockchain-based logistics protocol, dKargo aims to address the challenges that hinder collaboration in the logistics industry and create a new type of efficient logistics network. dKargo enables participants to use reliable and generally standardized data in a blockchain-based public ledger. dKargo’s plans for the development of the logistics industry are as follows.

  • Optimizing the efficiency of the logistics industry using routing optimization methods based on artificial intelligence.
  • Creating a logistics network that can use different modes of transportation other than conventional modes of transportation, ultimately creating a completely new logistics ecosystem.
  • Providing various services related to logistics in order to create new values ​​in the industry.

In addition, the dKargo AI cryptocurrency has a reward system where participants can get more incentives to play their roles. They can contribute to creating a more efficient logistics network by providing logistics services and uploading data, and in return, get more incentives. The artificial intelligence token of this project with the symbol DKA is used for this purpose.


Artificial intelligence cryptocurrency Numeraire

The Numeraire project is one of the best AI and machine learning currencies launched on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing developers and scientists to test and build machine learning models with improved reliability. The main goal of this platform is to decentralize the field of data science and allow developers to compete in creating effective predictive models in machine learning algorithms.

The Numeraire project was founded in San Francisco in late 2015. This company is actually a hedge fund in the stock market, which, unlike traditional hedge funds, uses data and forecasts generated by participants in competitions for its activities. This project is the first hedge fund to launch a digital currency project and heavily use machine learning in its investment strategy.

The Numeraire project and its artificial intelligence digital currency with the symbol “NMR” are unique in terms of innovation. Tokens from this project are awarded to data scientists whose models perform well in project competitions. This means that as more people enter the tournament and the AI ​​token competition starts, the project will gain more value.

The models used in these competitions allow Numeraire to participate in stock market transactions based on the results shown for the participants’ projects. This has made Numeraire the leading hedge fund based on artificial intelligence.



Digital currency of artificial intelligence refers to currencies that provide various services to users by combining blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence. In this article, the top 10 artificial intelligence currencies of the market were introduced and the special features of each of them were examined. It is possible to buy these tokens like Bitcoin and other digital currencies through exchanges.

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